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  • Hundreds of properties for sale and rent in Warsaw
  • Specialising in high standard and city centre
  • A winning reputation built on quality of service
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Warsaw Rentals

view all (310)

Śródmieście, Nowolipie

  • Price per month: 3,200 PLN
    742 EUR
  • Size: 39 m2
  • Bedrooms: 1

Powiśle, Leona Kruczkowskiego

  • Price per month: 10,000 PLN
    2,319 EUR
  • Size: 126 m2
  • Bedrooms: 3

Śródmieście, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie

  • Price per month: 8,000 PLN
    1,855 EUR
  • Size: 100 m2
  • Bedrooms: 3

Powiśle, Dobra

  • Price per month: 3,200 PLN
    742 EUR
  • Size: 40 m2
  • Bedrooms: 1

Śródmieście, Chmielna

  • Price per month: 6,000 PLN
    1,391 EUR
  • Size: 126 m2
  • Bedrooms: 3

Śródmieście, Piękna

  • Price per month: 4,700 PLN
    1,090 EUR
  • Size: 46 m2
  • Bedrooms: 1

Śródmieście, Piękna

  • Price per month: 5,500 PLN
    1,275 EUR
  • Size: 84 m2
  • Bedrooms: 2

Bielawa, Warszawska

  • Price per month: 12,000 PLN
    2,783 EUR
  • Size: 200 m2
  • Bedrooms: 3

Śródmieście, Drewniana

  • Price per month: 26,000 PLN
    6,029 EUR
  • Size: 230 m2
  • Bedrooms: 3

Warsaw Sales

view all (246)

Praga-Południe, Meksykańska

  • Price: 1,368,800 PLN
    317,410 EUR
  • Size: 118 m2
  • Bedrooms: 3

Włochy, Płomyka

  • Price: 1,660,000 PLN
    384,936 EUR
  • Size: 125 m2
  • Bedrooms: 3

Żoliborz, Adama Mickiewicza

  • Price: 630,000 PLN
    146,090 EUR
  • Size: 60 m2
  • Bedrooms: 2

Mokotów, Obrzeżna

  • Price: 1,490,000 PLN
    345,515 EUR
  • Size: 135 m2
  • Bedrooms: 3

Śródmieście, Twarda

  • Price: Price on application
  • Size: 77 m2
  • Bedrooms: 1

Mokotów, Obrzeżna

  • Price: 790,000 PLN
    183,193 EUR
  • Size: 75 m2
  • Bedrooms: 2

Popular Warsaw developments

view all (65)

Oxygen Residence

  • Prices from: 750,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 11,900 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 71 PLN

Platinum Towers

  • Prices from: 540,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 18,000 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 112 PLN

Nowe Powiśle by Menolly

  • Prices from: 700,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 21,000 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 80 PLN

19 Dzielnica

  • Prices from: 596,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 12,000 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 78 PLN

Bialy Kamien

  • Prices from: 690,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 17,000 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 60 PLN

Eko-Park Complex

  • Prices from: 690,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 17,000 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 60 PLN


  • Prices from: 500,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 10,800 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 56 PLN

Miasteczko Wilanow

  • Prices from: 289,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 10,000 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 62 PLN

Marina Mokotow

  • Prices from: 450,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 10,700 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 58 PLN

Konstancja Housing Complex

  • Prices from: 1,590,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 11,500 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 50 PLN

Atelier Residence

  • Prices from: 720,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 17,000 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 80 PLN

Hubertus Residential Complex

  • Prices from: 545,000 PLN
  • Avg. sales price/m2: 12,000 PLN
  • Avg. rentals price/m2: 50 PLN

Short-term rentals

view all (9)

Platinum Luxury Double, Grzybowska

  • Price from/night 550 PLN
    124 EUR
  • Size: 75 m2
  • Bedrooms: 2

Oxygen Studio Twin, Wronia

  • Price from/night 230 PLN
    52 EUR
  • Size: 40 m2
  • Bedrooms: Studio

Platinum Grand, Grzybowska

  • Price from/night 815 PLN
    184 EUR
  • Size: 100 m2
  • Bedrooms: 2

Platinum Studio, Grzybowska

  • Price from/night 285 PLN
    64 EUR
  • Size: 30 m2
  • Bedrooms: Studio

Platinum Master Corner, Grzybowska

  • Price from/night 385 PLN
    87 EUR
  • Size: 55 m2
  • Bedrooms: 1

Platinum Superior, Grzybowska

  • Price from/night 320 PLN
    72 EUR
  • Size: 40 m2
  • Bedrooms: 1

Oxygen Studio, Wronia

  • Price from/night 230 PLN
    52 EUR
  • Size: 40 m2
  • Bedrooms: Studio

Platinum Master, Grzybowska

  • Price from/night 350 PLN
    79 EUR
  • Size: 50 m2
  • Bedrooms: 1

Platinum Luxury Family, Grzybowska

  • Price from/night 450 PLN
    102 EUR
  • Size: 66 m2
  • Bedrooms: 2


Hamilton May

At Hamilton May we do business differently

Our passion is real estate and we take a unique approach to linking property owners with buyers and tenants in Warsaw. From our attention to detail to our focus on high quality customer service. Hamilton May – gives you the competitive advantage

Hamilton May - Real Estate in Warsaw and Poland

Hamilton May Warsaw is a branch of the Hamilton May LLP company. Our aim is to offer a wide range of real estate services on the Warsaw property market to provide our clients with a reliable and complete solution to their Warsaw real estate requirements.

Hamilton May Warsaw focuses specifically on the sale and rental of apartments and houses at the high end of the Warsaw property market in addition to activities in commercial sales and lettings and property developments.

Our property services cater for both private individuals and companies from Poland and abroad, using both Polish and English languages.

Warsaw real estate agency services

Hamilton May opened for business in 2004 setting out to achieve new standards in the Polish property market in terms of customer service and professionalism.

Our unique approach to property services has enabled us to develop a loyal client base of property owners. Combined with powerful marketing and regular word of mouth referrals this further strengthens our ability to connect Warsaw property owners with buyers and tenants.

Warsaw apartment rentals – a focus on business rentals and residential lettings

With a strong track record of handling company accommodation and housing requirements, Hamilton May has built a significant client base of many of the major companies operating in Warsaw and Poland.Our client portfolio includes Cisco, Bridge street, State street, Brown brothers Harriman, amongst many others.

Specialization of high standard and city centre Warsaw real estate

Hamilton May sells and rents residential apartments and commercial properties based mainly in the more desirable and city centre regions in Warsaw, such as Srodmiescie and Mokotow.

Our offer is geared towards high end, luxury end of the market, intentionally targeting the developing modern stock of property in Warsaw and in line with the requirements and expectations of our clients. Example Warsaw developments include Milsona Park, Marina Mokotow, all prestigious apartment buildings in their own right and housing some of the most desirable apartments in Warsaw.

Sourcing your sale or rental property in Warsaw

The key to a successful property search in Warsaw is access to properties. Hamilton May has access to its own sizeable database of Warsaw property for sale and rent, sourced through direct contact with our client network and also via other Warsaw based real estate agencies.

Before initiating a property search, our agents will thoroughly research your requirements to ensure targeted viewings, saving you time and hassle and increasing your chances of successfully finding the house, apartment or commercial premises to meet your criteria.

Hamilton May also offers serviced short term rental apartments to complement more traditional long term rental solutions. Serviced apartments can provide temporary accommodation to fill in the gaps between starting your property search and signing your lease, or simply catering for short stays and business trips to Warsaw.

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