A building in the developer's standard located in Green Ursynów, right by the Kabacki forest - Dzierzby, Warszawa - for sale, ref. 9724 - Hamilton May
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A building in the developer's standard located in Green Ursynów, right by the Kabacki forest

Hamilton may present a property available for sale, which may interest both investors and private individuals who want to conduct their business in the place of residence. The building is also suitable for multi-generational families, and will serve beautifully as a corporate headquarters, fitness club, kindergarten, etc.

x The house was built for private use, with high quality materials. It has been initially developed as two separate, adjacent buildings, which could be divided into 4 apartments or 3 apartments and a 2-level office, occupying the ground floor and first floor of the northern section of the development. The apartments can be easily divided into smaller, informal properties. The building has 2 gates, 2 entrances and two separate staircases. The 2-story apartment in the southern section comes with an inner staircase. Currently the buildings are connected by the upper level.

The area of ​the possible apartments feature:
- northern section:
ground floor (61m2), first floor (130.5m2), second floor (133m2) + attic (approx. 26m2 of usable area - the attic comes with skylight windows).
- southern section:
ground floor + first floor (191m2 - 2-story apartment), second floor (121.5 m2) + attic (approx. 7 m2 of usable area - the attic comes with skylight windows).

The aforementioned areas do not include garages, staircases and those attic sections that do not classify as usable areas. The ground floor and first floor are 303cm high, while the second floor is 285cm high.
The northern building's second floor features: 4 rooms, kitchen, two bathrooms, laundry/boiler room and attic. The first floor holds two bathrooms, kitchen and an open space (which can be divided, just like the second floor). The ground floor holds one room, which can be divided into two rooms.
The southern building has 9 rooms, 5 bathrooms, one laundry room and one boiler/laundry room, as well as two garages (for 5 and 2 cars). The property's large windows (including corner windows) contribute to the original appearance of the building and provide plenty of natural light. On the second floor (in both sections of the building) the inner corridor was fitted with skylight windows.

The office comes with a bathroom suitable for disabled individuals (separate male and female bathrooms). It is also equipped with structural wiring and office lighting. The air conditioning pipes are also property distributed. The building is prepared to feature 5 kitchens and comes with 10 bathrooms (only one of which comes with no windows), as well as 2 boiler rooms with laundry facilities, and one separate laundry room. There are 4 balconies. It is possible to park along the entire fence of the plot. All media (gas, electricity, water, sewerage) city.

The building is developed of Porotherm, insulated with mineral wool, and covered with red Tandem ceramic tiles by Meyer-Holsen. The windows are made of Veka PVC profiles (Winchester color). The veneer is double-sided and has the appearance of natural wood. The windows on the ground floor and first floor are 180cm high, while the ones on the second floor are 150cm high. All windows are also equipped with programmable external window blinds, which can be operated remotely. The ground floor and balconies are equipped with secure windows with P4 glass. The garage doors are finished in Winchester color - same as windows, shutters and exterior doors. Lastly, the driveways and ramps are paved.

The property is located in Green Ursynów, in a quiet area surrounded by single-family houses. The Kabacki Forest is 170 m away, Puławska street - 250 m away, while the ring road lies 550 m from the property. The airport can be reached in 10 minutes - the bus stop is 5 minutes away on foot (the bus reaches the Wilanowska metro station in just 10 minutes). The neighborhood provides access to: elementary school, kindergarten, nursery, new cultural center, playground, outdoor gym, Siwy Dym restaurant, Auchan and Obi shopping centers and the Oligocene water well.

Asking sales price: 5 500 000 PLN.

Please contact Hamilton May to obtain more detailed information.

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Interested in this property?
Call Hamilton May between 9am and 6pm on: (+48) 22 428 16 15
Interested in this property?
Call Hamilton May between 9am and 6pm on:
(+48) 22 428 16 15
Please contact us with regards to our fees.
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5,500,000 PLN
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